Heart Disease Sleep Apnea Patients

Sleep Disorders are closely connected with heart disease. Obstructive Sleep Apnea contributes to elevated blood pressure and a higher risk of heart attacks. Treating sleep apnea successfully can prevent a return of atrial fibrillation, a dangerous heart rhythm abnormality. New research suggests that even excessive leg movements during sleep may contribute to elevated blood pressure.

At the Center for Sleep Medicine Philadelphia, we work closely with many cardiologists to make sure you are successfully treated.

We use the latest advances in Sleep Medicine to choose a specialized treatment that is best for your cardiac condition.

Our center for sleep medicine Philadelphia is a leader in home sleep testing, a new and exciting technology in our field. Many of our patients leave the office the day of their initial consult with a home sleep test to expedite the diagnosis and most importantly, work to solve the sleep problem quickly. We have extensive experience in interpreting sleep studies performed in the sleep center, a more comprehensive test that allows our practitioners to understand your sleep quality in very great detail.

By focusing solely on Sleep Medicine Philadelphia, we have the opportunity to spend the time needed to diagnose and solve our patient’s sleep difficulties.  We maintain a commitment to providing comprehensive evaluations of and treatments for all sleep disorders.

Heart Disease Sleep Apnea