Neurologic Diseases

Many patients with neurologic diseases experience difficulties with sleeping or with excessive sleepiness.

  • Fatigue and restless legs are common in multiple sclerosis.
  • Patients with Parkinson’s Disease often have severe sleepiness and can also experience restless legs or acting out of their dreams at night
  • Patients with Migraine Headaches may have improvement in their headache symptoms if they have a sleep disorder that is treated.

At the Center for Sleep Medicine Philadelphia, we have an advanced understanding of Neurologic Diseases and how they relate to your sleeping problem. We do not practice as neurologists but our experience with Neurology allows us to better understand your problem and provide specialized care.

We work closely with many of the area’s top neurologists to improve your sleep which may lessen the symptoms of your neurologic diseases. Our center for sleep medicine Philadelphia is a leader in home sleep testing, a new and exciting technology in our field. Many of our patients leave the office the day of their initial consult with a home sleep test to expedite the diagnosis and most importantly, work to solve the sleep problem quickly. We have extensive experience in interpreting sleep studies performed in the sleep center, a more comprehensive test that allows our practitioners to understand your sleep quality in very great detail.