SEPTA Employees and Truck Drivers

The Center for Sleep Medicine treats many patients who work for SEPTA.  We are familiar with rotating shifts, swing shifts, and variable schedules that can affect your ability to get consistent and regular sleep.

We recognize that having good sleep and alertness while awake is very important for everyone.  For those involved in public transportation or truck driving, this is especially important.  Our goal is to quickly diagnose and treat you (if needed) to ensure you are able to drive or carry out your occupation, safely and without interruption.

We do not provide medical information to SEPTA or your employer, without your consent.

If you require CPAP for sleep apnea, we work closely with you to make sure you are successful.  Many employers (such as trucking companies) have regulations for CPAP users that require consistent and regular CPAP use.  We will help you succeed and continue your occupation.

We recognize drowsiness with driving is a public safety risk and contributes to motor vehicle accidents.  We will help you with strategies and treatment to eliminate this. 

For Philadelphia Obstructive Sleep Apnea, our expert team provides a prompt evaluation, education about the risks and causes and helps you get the needed treatment. We routinely discuss each case in our weekly patient conference to provide a collaborative team approach which leads to better care.