Narcolepsy Philadelphia


Narcolepsy is a rare sleep disorder that causes severe daytime sleepiness. Often, there are other symptoms such as awakening feeling paralyzed, sudden bouts of muscle weakness during the day while awake, and unusual dreams.

Severe sleepiness is a symptom of narcolepsy. However, severe sleepiness is also caused by untreated obstructive sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, and other rare sleep disorders.

We take time to provide a careful and accurate diagnosis. The wrong diagnosis of the disease can often lead to using serious, potentially-addictive medications, so it is critical that a diagnosis of the disease is correct.

We take pride in helping our patients with sleep disorders lead fulfilling lives, and maintain their ability to safely work and drive.

Our center can also provide a second opinion to patients diagnosed elsewhere, to make sure that your current diagnosis and treatment are correct.

Due to expansion of our practice, our main office relocated from Lafayette Hill, PA to Chestnut Hill in the autumn of 2011.  Our new office is better located to serve the needs of patients in Philadelphia, yet is also located on the border of Montgomery County, easily accessible from the Fort Washington Expressway, Route 76, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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