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Sleep walking is a common sleep problem that is often present in childhood and in adolescence and then improves on its own during adulthood. Treatment is not usually required, though at a minimum it is important to make sure that the home and bedroom are safe.

There are adults who have sleep-walking or other abnormal behaviors at night (such as eating while asleep, also known as sleep related eating disorder). Sometimes sleep walking in adults never resolves from childhood. In other adults, sleep-walking or other abnormal behaviors at night can be worsened by or caused by other sleep disorders (such as untreated sleep apnea) or sleep medications.

In addition, some adults are at risk for injury at night, especially with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, a rare condition. In this condition, patients have very vivid dreams and “act them out”, causing them to talk, punch, kick, or fight in their sleep. This can result in serious injury to both the patient and their bed-partner.

At the Center for Sleep Medicine Philadelphia, we have expertise in diagnosing and treating these conditions, to make sure you are safe during the night.

All of the physicians in Philadelphia sleep center are Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, so you can have confidence that your physician at our Center has the skill and training needed to treat your condition. Every patient has different symptoms, sleep habits, and lifestyles, so we work with you to select the treatment that will work best for you.

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