Expert Care for Philadelphia CPAP Patients

At the Center for Sleep Medicine Philadelphia, we take pride in providing exceptional care for patients who use CPAP.   We are committed to working closely with our CPAP Patients, so they can experience success with their treatment and improvement in the quality of their sleep.

  • We pay attention to each patient’s needs to help select a CPAP equipment that is the best for them.
  • We carefully help select a reliable, durable medical equipment company (DME provider or homecare company) to provide you with a CPAP unit and supplies and the customer care you deserve.
  • Our Sleep Medicine Physicians have extensive expertise with CPAP and its side effects.  We work closely to design a plan to help you achieve success!
  • We work very hard to make sure you are successful, so that you can achieve “compliance” so your insurance company will provide coverage.  Many sleep centers instead leave this to the DME (homecare) company and use a “hands-off” approach.
  • We encourage our patients to contact us directly, with any problems using or adjusting to CPAP.