Home sleep test

At the Center for Sleep Medicine Philadelphia we keep up with all of the latest trends and emerging technologies in sleep medicine. A new technology has emerged over the past several years which has changed our field- home sleep testing. A home sleep test is an at-home test to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. Many insurance providers require home sleep testing in the initial evaluation of obstructive sleep apnea. This test has some advantages, as it is more cost-effective and also convenient allowing the patient to sleep in the usual home environment. A home sleep test does not provide as much information as an in lab sleep study but certainly there are instances where is it is useful.

A home sleep test is not ideal for every patient and there are limitations to this test. It is not useful to detect sleep disorders other than obstructive sleep apnea. In addition, it sometimes is not able to detect mild obstructive sleep apnea. In certain medical conditions, an in lab sleep study is superior. If your insurance requires home testing but the test is non-diagnostic or there are medical reasons for a sleep study in the sleep lab, our office will make you will get the test you need to accurately diagnose your sleep problem.

We offer home sleep testing directly through our office. Most of our patients are able to take home the equipment the day of their initial consult, so that we can expedite your diagnosis and treatment. Our equipment is very easy to use and you will receive instructions on how to use it and setup it up from your doctor or the center’s staff.

If you have questions about eligibility for home sleep testing, please contact our office.

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